AVAST Antivirus How to use in PC and what are the benefits now:

Avast The Free antivirus is just the first step to ONLINE freedom –

Here we all think that we all have the right to be safe, in the world of being online, that is why there is just an award-winning free antivirus . were there the millions of the people are using it around the world.

It has essential protection and is very powerful which is absolutely free.

Here the Avast antivirus comes with a feature. which is just cloud-based and an award-winning free of virus protection.

The Avast antivirus is also packed with all the largest and the threat detection network. the machine learning and the virus protection and also the home network security . which will not even slow down the PC. Also watch best cloud storage for your Data.

It’s also very easy to install and also very effortless to use.

Here the Avast antivirus will scan your PC for the threats just in some seconds. Also catching the malware which has been hidden on the system/desktop or the laptop will erase them very quickly and easily.

After that, you will relax by knowing that the 24/7 scans will always check. each and every file which will enter in your PC, just to make sure they will be saved from all the malware and also even 0 – day threats.


It is having a very beautiful intuitive interface. which are having advanced application protection and also a new passive mode just for running the multiple security – in which there are also gamers and the movie buffs.

  • Its has been designed for the effortless security , with just one click on the new, fresh and easy to use interface . which will check everything , starting from your passwords to home for the network security.
  • There is also a game and a movie time now newly launched. It has been named the Game Mode and it is also having the new tricks. It is also called as Do Not Distrub Mode, where it just blocks all the distracting popups , at the time of playing games , watching movies  or just presenting it to the full screen.
  • There it has been introducing the behaviour shield:

Here it does not only checks the application but also checks the malware. we just can’t always keep an eye on each and every behavior, just to make sure they will not suddenly.


Here are the top of the latest features. where we can just do essential and intelligent threat- detection and also real-time protection all with a light touch on the PC . and you will also even never know it has been there.

  • Intelligent antivirus: it detects and also block the malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware and also the phishing.
  • Cyber capture : it automatically sends the files , which are suspicious . for the analysis in the cloud and then it pushes the cure to all the Avast antivirus users , if it is the threat.
  • Wi-fi inspector: in the wi-fi inspector feature .. here it will just detect the weakness of our home wi-fi and if the strangers are using on the network.
  • Smart scan: here in the smart scan feature . it just finds out all the cracks , that allows the malware to just slip in, here looking at the unsafe settings and the passwords, till the suspicious add-ons and also the out of date softwares.
  • It just scores high in the excellent choice for the free antivirus protection here.
  • The avast antivirus is also recognized all by the most of the important anti-malware institute.
  • The avast antivirus is also being certified for the 100% of the protection all against 0 days of threats.
  • Also the Avast antivirus , it uses the multiple layers of the securities to just keep you safe from the newest and new . also the never seen before threats.


Here the Avast antivirus just provides a range of scans to protect the PC and from malware. Here we can also create our own scan and then specify all the parameters. which is just referred to all the sections below. which will let us know about the following virus scans:

  • Smart scan: here it is a very comprehensive scan . which will just scan all the detects and the malwares, and all of the out of date software and we will have to browser with the add-ons with just very poor reputations , with the network threats as well and the performance issues also.
  • The full virus scan: although the full virus scan is just predefined with all the dept scan of our system . which will just checks the storage memory and the storage drive for the malware.
  • Targeted scan: here in the targeted scans , we will have to select the folders  which you want to just initiate the scans.
  • The boot time scan: looking at the next scan we can just scan the PC during the next system and . also the start up before the malware is have been launched there. The boot time scan will just be during the startup and will improves the chances . of the detecting and then removing the malware ,, before it can attack the PC.
  • Customs scan: in the custom scan . we can scan the PC according to all the parameters , which will just specified for the scan.
  • The Explorer scan: in the explorer scan . we can just specify all the files and the folders which are directly selected from the desktop with the file explorer.
Avast Anitvirus
Summaiya Riyaj Mahajan


  1.  Open Avast antivirus and then go to the Protection > virus scan.
  2. Then we have to run our preferred scan:
  • The smart scan : tap on the Run smart scan button / icon.
  • The full virus scan : then click on the full virus scan tile.
  • Then the targeted scan : then tap on the targeted scan tile . after then selecting the specific file or the folder you want to scan and then also click OK.
  • The boot time scan : Click the boot time scan and then click on the . run scan on the next PC reboot it.
  • Custom scans : click on the custom scan then just tap . on the scan now on the panel for the scan you want to just run.


  1. In the 1st step click on the custom scan tile.
  2. At the 2nd step , we just have to create a new scan.
  3. In the 3rd step we have to just scan the parameters and also the settings :

As the scan name, the scan type, and the frequency as well. Just we have to click on the drop-down menu and then define how often the scan will run. select the type of scan you want, type a name for the scan in the text box avast.


After the scan is completed, the avast antivirus will display all founded issues, we can also resolve the issues. just directly on the result screen and then just configure each of the virus scans to be resolved in the issues which will automatically be upon the detection.


To view all the details of the previous scans. we have to go to the protection and then the virus, after that we will have to click on the scan history. Then the cursor will over a scan on the panel and then click on the down. After that just click on the down arrow let to see the scan details.


Avast Antivirus

 These are some of the main settings of the software, it is as follows:

  • The sensitivity: it has been set as a medium by default . then click and drag the slider just to adjust the scan for the sensitivity, the higher the sensitivity , which increases the protection and also the protection for the potential , just for the false positive malware detection. Lower sensitivity which reduces the potential just for the false and the positive detections . which may also reduce the effectiveness of the scan.
  • There is a scan for PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) : just tick the box and have to enable the avast to scan for the programs which will just scan . for the stealthily downloaded with the other programs also and then typically to perform all the unwanted activity.
  • Then follow the links during the scan: we have to just click the box to enable the avast antivirus . just to scan other files by using the scanned for the potentially harmful content.
  • After that just test the whole files: then we have to tick the box and avast to scan the entire files . rather which only the parts of the typically affected all by the malicious code.
  • Scan priority: we have to just use the drop-down menu just to be set by the scan priority . which is set to medium priority by the default.


  • All the harddisks files: we have to select and then enable the . avast antivirus to scan all the hard drives which is on the PC.
  • The system drive: We just have to select the included data . which has been stored there on the physical device and also the USB sticks then and there.
  • All the removable media: just tic on the button to avast scan and the application. that will launch automatically by itself and when you will enter or insert the USB or the other removable device , into our PC , then scanning a removable media may take a huge time , just due to the speed limit.
  • Rootkits: just tick on the button which says enable avast to scan for the hidden the threats in the system.
  • The UEFI BIOS: then we have to tick on the enable avast antivirus . just to scan all the hidden threats which are in the UEFI BIOS the boot up process.
  • CD-ROM and the DVD Drives : then we have to tick just to enable the antivirus . to scan CD and DVD drives for all the malicious content.
  • The startup programs and the modules which have been loaded in the memory: we have to tick and then enable the . avast antivirus to scan for the applications and the processes that will launch all after the system to startup or just to run in the background of the PC.


  • Scan only the common installer : we have to just select the only scan the commonly used file types and they are as follows as . rar, zip and other executable or the installer which are archives there.
  • Scan all the archives : we have to also select and then scan all the archive files . which are also very significantly will increase all the scan duration.
  • Don’t scan the archives: just select the exclude option to archive all the files from the scan.


1ST is the content-based type, which is usually very slow, which have the most vulnerable to malware attacks. 2nd will come to the name of all the extension-based types, which is always usually fast. The 3rd type of file is the scan of all the files, it is very slow for the scanning of all the files and the malware.

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