The first thing in our mind comes is that – What is  Wondershare filmora software?

Now let’s begin with an introduction to this content, here we start:

Filmora is a very popular video editing tool which just intends for users. who just want to concentrate on the editing and the making of the high-quality videos.

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Here the wonder share filmora software offers editing and support for the 4K videos.

as it is a very affordable product which has been equipped with all the tools. which have been made for both videos and audio. Here the software gives an option for adding effects, styling, and customizing the videos.

filmora wondershare
filmora wondershare(Summaiya Riyaj Mahajan)

This tool makes it possible for the users to just overlay with the elements. and the animations, adding audio, and also inserting the texts in various fonts and also sizes. Wondershare filmora is an amazing tool for the one who makes the tributes, dedications, and also stories in the videos. In this tool.

we can add voice covers also in our videos. In this tool, we can also increase or decrease the video sizes, crop or just fit in a certain time. Here we can also use the option ‘’tilt-shift’’ to just blur some part of the video. we can also adjust the audio and also video by just flipping or rotating. here we will also get an option to just remove ‘ noise’ also available.


Here are some of the main features of the wondershare filmora . they are listed as follows, let’s have a look at them, as given below :

  • 1st is the GIF Support
  • 2nd is the Audio equalizer
  • 3rd is the Video and audio controls
  • 4th is the 4K resolution editing suport
  • 5th is the Audio mixer
  • 6th is the Split screen
  • 7th is the Layer multiple video clips
  • 8th is the Video stabilization
  • 9th  is the Advanced text editing
  • 10th is the COLOUR grading presets
  • 11th is the Tilt- shift
  • 12th is the Mosaic ( Blurring)
  • 13th is the Frame by Frame preview
  • 14th is the Noise removal
  • 15th is the Speed control
  • 16th is the Social import
  • 17th is the Screen recording
  • 18th is the Audio sepration
  • 19th is the Chroma key backgrounds
  • 20th is the Scene detection

Some of the more features of the wondershare filmora are listed below, do have a look :

  1. Motion tracking:  here the filmora lets an element for the moving object just without any of the hassle/ trouble.
  2. The zooming and panning: zooming and panning looks very amazing it just look very amazing and with the help of filmora you can achieve it .
  3. Colour matching: in this feature we will develop it to match the chosen clips colour . to which the another frame just from the another clip.
  4. Key framing:  in this feature we can easily customize any of the animation just by adjoining the keyframes to join and change the scale , position, opacity and the rotation of the clip.
  5. Stabilization: here we will have a smooth as well as the stabilized video where something you will just never , just take for granted ,  because it looks very amazing and wonderful.
  6. Audio ducking: we can just fade away the background music just to have . a clarity of listening dialogues or the monologues in this feature.
  7. Colour grading: here when the video you had shoot from the camera is not much clear or not looks the way we want . and if you really need a good video, just go forward and do it with filmora.
  8. Green screen: here if you are a youtuber or a streamer or just a someone who loves to create . short skits or clips, the green screen effect will help you in the subject will be at ease.
  9. Shortcuts: here you can also create a keyboard shortcut , just by using the hotkey command.
  10. Dark mode: here the dark mode lets you to edit the videos, which has been pleased with your eyes.
  11. Effects library: here the filmora comes with the 30 new of all the elements and . also 9 callout titles included there
  12. Tilt- shift: here the tilt shift effect is noting but . a something will just require a proper lens, which can be a little bit expensive.


Here are some of the main features of the wondershare filmora software. let’s have a look at the benefits of this tool:

Let’s start:

Here the benefits of the filmora are having its. intuitive features which all have been set and it’s just very highly useful tools, here we will have a look at some of its details :

One of the main features of the filmora functionality is that it’s having the feature of the spilled screen. In this feature it just lets the users just come up with all their own videos which will just consists . of the footage and also the clips which all can be played at the same time as well.

Here we just can make this happen only by selecting the. split – screen icon which can be found on the left pane of the Tools main menu. We can just spot the icon just under the. icons, where the users can add in the audios and the videos, text, filters, and do video transitions.

And when first the spilled screen icon is just selected, the split-screen option can be seen, and the users can just pick the number of the screens that will be needed and as well as arranging the screen in the order we want. Users can also select it anywhere just from two to four screens.

Hereafter just choosing the number of the screens which are all arranged, then we can choose the desired video clips. which we want to utilize and then choose them all from the timeline where they all are been present, just to make this happen. all the clips are been dragged from the timeline itself, all the way to just the left portion where the split screen inspector will pop up.

And if we prefer just a single clip with the only audio and but if we want the other clip just to be a split-screen, then we can make it easily happened to the split-screen inspector. also in addition an option is also been available that will just pick which clips, we want to start with. There this functionality is very stylish, clever, and also a huge help in video editing.

Here the wondershare filmora also comes with excellent and also advanced text editing, through which we can use the lower and the clip volume, where there the text has been located. As the text and the parts will be copied with the effects which come with the and the been pasted on the other part of the clip. here at the same time, we can also split certain parts of the clips, and so the text should be inserted.

Especially we not only use the text. which includes the users and also we can improve the quality of the video with all the additional effects and all the animations.

Here also the tool will help the users to edit and then style the text, here the text also can be highlighted, bolded, italicized, and also change the font style and also the font size.

we can also have a look at the pre-installed and also customized texts are also available here. Here is also the customization of the color fill to activate and deactivate to just create a shadow on the border. here such features play a very important role where especially when the video credits are involved there.

The wondershare filmora has a ‘ power-tool and ‘mosaic ( blur effect) functionalities, where it blur certain areas of the clip/video as percentage adjustment. where it can just increase/decrease the square, at the place where the blur effect is applied.


The very best and wonderful thing about the filmora is that we can try it very easily and also very straightforward. Here are also some of the very easy steps to start using the wondershare filmora there and then :

Let’s start with all the steps given below :

Step 1 –

Here when once you have gone through the process of downloading, we can install and then register on the filmora, and the 1st step involves, just launching the software.

Step 2 –

Then in the second step, you will just see a very simple interface, which will just ask you to create the new project, or just you can open the existing file. and just if you choose or create a new video, it will just take you to the one and only video editing interface.

Step 3 –

Here the interface will just take you to some of the main options, which are as follows. let’s have a look below, there are the options:

  • The Media library: here the 1st part is of just importing the media files , such as the videos, the photos as well as the audios , and then add them to the library, it also diplays the functions icon such as the effects, transitions and the titles.
  • The toolbar:  here the 2nd part is the toolbar, where we can just access the editing tools , which are delete , cut, speed and edit, these things make it easier for the video editors.
  • The timeline : here the timeline is such as a story board, it is used to assemble all the different parts of the project into the one . we can add upto 100 tracks in the timeline section.
  • Preview : here in the preview section . it is very super handy and especially we have to realize do the actual changes done while making and customizing the video.

Step 3 –

In step 3 , when you are all done with all of the things. which you need to just start adding or just simply adding and dragging to drop the media files in the project.

Step 4 –

Here in step 4 where we can add all the media files which we can work as in batch. or we can just edit them individually just we have to separate them and control them.

Step 5 –

Here in step 5, when we are done with all the editing, and just simply click on the export button just above the timeline. We have to always make sure and also check the parameters, which we want to click on export. And then once you are done with all the following steps. we will be able to use the wondershare filmora video editor. therefore all the software is just full of the features that we can use. And so if we are experimenting with something as we are always encouraged because. it will often bring out the best and possible creativity.


Here are some of the ADVANTAGES of the filmora, lets have a look at them, as listed below:

here are some of the advantages of filmora :

  • It has 400+ different transition effect
  • It is very simple to use and lightweight and also great for low end PCs and the laptops.
  • There are video effect like the . filters, elements and overlays that can be applied very easily with drag and drop action.

Here are also some of the DISADVANTAGES of filmora, which have been listed below :

  • There is a watermark in the free trial version
  • AS is no free hand masking tool
  • There the colour grading tool is also limited.






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