How to create a complete system image backup file in pc?

Let’s get started, here the question comes on how to creates. complete system image backup file in the pc lets begin:

The system image backup was first introduced and used in windows 7 . a system image backup can be used to recover and restore your entire pc in case of a system failure. Creating a system image backup. , is just a very easy task, there are some of the simple steps involved in this process, let’s have a look at these simple steps: AVAST Antivirus

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Author: Summaiya Mahajan

1st we have to click on the start button, which is located on the taskbar.

2nd we have to select and click the control panel,

3rd once the control panel is opened, click on the backup and restore, then the window will open.

4th in the backup and restore window, click on create a system image from the left pane.

5th you will be asked to choose the location where you want to store your system image backup.

6th you will have three options to choose from hard disk, DVD, network location.

7th after selecting all the drives and all the useful data, we have to click on the start backup and all the system image backup files will be saved.

  • Best way to recover data from corrupt backup file 2021 trick?

Here we will have a look at the best way to recover data from corrupt backup files. let’s get started: Best cloud storage

There are free download apps for the data recovery software where we can just recover 100MB files in the free version. talking about the trusted 5000000+ data recovery users since the year 2003. the wondershare recover is just an amazing and excellent recovery tool, which just can rescue all the deleted files, videos, photos, audios, personal emails, and many more, here we will just restore everything back to you from your PC, hard drive, SD card, USB, etc.

The best part is that it is just free to use it up to 100 MB of the recovery, the 1st and the important thing is that we have to download it from the apple store or play store itself, and then we will start recovering the lost file, it also doesn’t matter if you will permanently delete the file, there the recovery will run a very deep scan to find your lost file from the hard drive itself. And once the scan is completed, we can then view the results which have been sorted by the file type, and then it will be in its orderly manner. so it will be very easy to find out which file should be recovered. Here are also some of the simple steps for recovering the corrupt system files :

how to backup system image

The command 1st – SFC/scannow

There is the command 2nd – DISM/ cleanup-image/restore health.

Then the command 3rd –uninstall the latest update, and then get started causing problems.

  • Efficiently  recover files from corrupt MS backup file Pc?

Let’s get started, here now we will have a look at the coming next question, which is how we will efficiently recover the files from the corrupt MS backup file in the PC. there are a few steps to be followed, they are as follows:

Here are some of the methods  which will help us restore our data and each and every important file which we want to recover,

  1. Simply run the scan disk To fix the corrupted hard disk/ drive – CHKDSK.
  2. Click on the windows +X and after that select the command prompt Admin .
  3. Then to check the errors . which are in the corrupted files / hard drive/ disk, just simply type CHKDSK and then click on the enter.
  4. And if the corrupted drive will be D , then chkdsk D:f/r/x will fix the drive but with all the error.
  5. Then we can try just checking the errors on some of the specific system drive . through very much simple way of doing the scan, or by scanning it.
  6. Just open my computers / computers , then right click on the >> properties.
  7. The simply click on the tool and then error checking and last >> check.
  8. Then we have to select the scan drive . and just have to restart our computer , but once when the process in completed.
  • Creating a simple backup file of your website for safekeeping?
how to backup system image

Here we will have a look at how we will backup the file of the website for safekeeping.

Follow the simple steps:

  1.  We have to log in the control panel – cpanel.
  2. Then we have to enter the files estions and then select and click on the backup.
  3. Just click on download a full of the website backup.
  4. Then we have to select the home directory as the location of our backup.
  5. Then simply go back and see the backups available for the download
  6. Here we can download the backup archive file.

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