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here we will have a look at how we can create and make a bootable pen drive for windows 10. Windows 10 have been set to be released. The OS will also be available with flash drives. And however, you will need to prepare and create the own of yours bootable Pendrive. Or the USB drive just for windows 10 and it will be pretty easy to work on and.

Here’s how we do it:-

Here are some of the easy ways to create a bootable Pendrive or the USB drive for windows 10:

There is always a very easy way to do some things on windows. Just using some kind of software and also creating a bootable USB drive or a pen drive. Here are some of the simple steps which let you do the same:-

1. We have to download the Rufus app just from here itself.

2. The second thing just clicks and open the rufus.exe

3. The 3rd is that we have to see once the user interface (UI) of the software. Which just opens up the plug it into your USB Or the Pendrive.

4. The 4th step involves after that to look at the ‘’ create a bootable USB drive / Pendrive option. And therefrom the dropdown, we have to select the ISO image there right.

5. The in the 5th step we have to just click on the button which is right on the dropdown. And then we have to select the windows 10 ISO & that you want to install.

6. Last the 6th step involves clicking on the start and then wait for the software. Which will create the bootable USB Pendrive/ drive. That pretty much this only but now if we have a bootable Pendrive. Just plug in your device and just always make sure that your BIOS is always as set up. Then you should plug it into the device windows 10 is using the bootable USB which you have created.

Bootable pendrive
Author: Amaan Shaikh


Here if you also don’t have or you just don’t want to use any of the software. There is said to have another way of creating the bootable device and the drive. But is a very little bit trickier.

Here are the steps on how to do it:

  1. The 1st thing that comes in front of us. You have to make sure that your USB drive is plugged in.

2. The 2nd thing is that we have to just search and then open the command prompt just as an administrator.

3. The 3rd thing is that the next. We have to do is just open the disk management utility by using the CMD command prompt. And to do that type is just in the disk part and then just hit the enter button.

4. The 4th thing that comes across us is after that that we have to just display the connected disks. That will be available to the following type in the list disk and just click the enter button.

5. In the 5th step we will need to just select the USB drive and after that, we just have to type select disk # and then click on the enter button which you have to replace the # with your disk number.

6. The next step is that we have to clean the USB drive and to do that, we just have to type clean and click on the enter button.

7. The 7th step involves and need to create a bootable partition and then type in create a partition primary and then click on the enter button.


8. The 8th step involves selecting the partition which we have just created and to do the need, type in select partition 1.

9. The 9th step is a type of the active and click the enter button.

10. In the next step you just have to format the USB drive by just typing in the format fs=fat32 and Click on the enter.

11. Then you have to assign that USB drive a letter and to do so, just type assign.

12. The last step the 12th step is all about the copy all the windows 10 files and paste them into the USB Drive, here you have to exactly copy the same file that is been extracting an ISO or the copy from the windows 10 disk.


That’s all it, we have just created manually the Windows 10 bootable USB drive, and that’s all ready to get installed on the Windows 10 device. Here creating the bootable USB device is very easy and just, to be honest, we recommend the following is an as easy way of creating the bootable USB drive if you are not a legend and however if you are a legend just follow the hard way of creating the bootable USB drive and to avoid of using any of the software.

And if we have a windows 10 pc, it is an amazing and a very good idea to create a bootable USB drive of our OS the operating system, in this way we can just install or we can reinstall the windows 10 to get repair our PC and which just won’t turn on or not getting connected to the internet, and here is how we can create windows 10 bootable drive/pen drive.

Before starting we have to make sure of some of the following points, they are as follows:

Let’s get started

·simple and good internet connection.

· USB drive or a pen drive with at least of 8GB of free space.

· last the 25- character product key, here you don’t need to do for digital purchase.


Here to create windows 10 bootable USB or pen drive the first thing is that you have to download the media creation tool, after that, you have to run the tool and select the create the installation just for another PC / laptop. Finally, you have to select the USB flash drive and just have to wait for the installer to finish the action.

Let’s look into the following steps, let’s begin:

1.  The 1st step is as very simple as it does, just connect your USB or your pen drive to the Windows 10 PC. The first thing to do after that is you have to format the USB drive to exFAT, IF you want to know the format of a hard drive of the Windows 10 PC just have a look and check out other things related to that.

2. Moving forward you just have to go to Microsoft’s website to get the download of the windows 10 media creation tool, after that just you have to click on the download tool button now, in which you will see the create the windows 10 installation of media.

3. Looking at the 3rd step, it also involves the actions such as double click on the file called the mediacreationtoolxxx.exe file to be launched there. The file there should be in the download folders or wherever you set the downloads to go, then the last four digits of the file name will indicate the version of windows 10.

4. In the 4th step click on the accept that is on the pop-up window.

5. Then select the create the installation of media option and then click on to the next.

In the 6th step :-

We have to select the language, architecture, and also edition that you want to use to create the bootable USB or the Pendrive. We can check the recommended options just for the PC box and to be used in the same language, the edition, and the architecture you are going to use nowhere, here we can also use the dropdown options to select and change the options and still you are not sure about whether you need a 64 bit or a 32-bit architecture you can send and select both from the architecture drop-down menu.

The 7th step

says about choosing the USB flash drive and then click the next button.

Here is the 8th step

is all about to select the removable drive which you want to use and then click the next button if you want to have one or more than one device which gets connected to the computer, and you are also very unsure to use and select which one to use, just disconnect the other drives, and if you still don’t see the drive you want to be used, just click on to the refresh the drive list.

Then the media creation tool will start to just download the latest windows 10 which is having the installation files on the computer. then this process can also take around 20 to 30 minutes.

Bootable pendrive

Finally the 9th step

Just clicking on the finish button. And if you want to make sure that you created a bootable USB drive with just windows 10 installer on to it. Just go to the file explorer and have a look and check the drives in the folder of the PC. The drive should be renamed as just something like the USB-ESD, electronic software delivery.

Here where you can open the drive and there you can see all the boot files and the setup.exe.file. Now you also need to install or reinstall the windows. You can also connect the drive to the computer and then reboot them. For the PC, an important thing to be noted is before installing windows 10 to check. And to make sure that your PC or the laptop had always met the system requirements for windows 10. And also if you want to know how to check the computer specs, then check out the guide.

Important Notes

As we are moving forward, now we will have a look at a little more information about our content. Let’s see here the Microsoft has released the Windows 10 technical preview. Which is allowing early adopters like us. To have an experience of some of the lovely features that will be operating. On the system that will bring the table just when it has been launched. The highlights are of course the new start menu and the other is changed. And had added up to give us what we will have to sleek in the windows. And what other features we are waiting for that are touch-friendly. And still yet great with the keyboard and the mouse.

Listening to this sounds very intriguing indeed. And just especially if we are holding the upgrades so far. Here if you want to take the plunge and then test the windows 10 technical preview. Which is just directly on the PC, and without taking the oracle Virtualbox virtualization route. then you have already known that the best option is in a bootable USB drive and luckily we have landed on the right place where we will get to know about every detail you need:-


Here if we want to create a bootable windows 10 technical preview USB drive you will just have to prepare the following to move forward:

·windows 10 technical preview ISO, which we can get downloaded from the google play store app.

·windows 10 technical preview and the product key is – NKJFK-GPHP7-G83C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR.

·archiving tool is like the 7-zip or the WinRAR.

·USB drive is to be of 4 GB and a 32-bit version.

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