How to create a Youtube video in 2021?

Now we will have a look at the complete update in the 2021 beginners guide on how to actually create a youtube channel, just step by step including the key optimization settings that most people miss that will help optimize and maximize your results right now. here we will have a look at how to grow the audience and the revenues with the online videos. as everyone knows that youtube is a really powerful platform, here millions and millions of people want to get on it and learn how to make a youtube channel.

how to create youtube ac
Author: Summaiya Mahajan

Just with the right process, we can set up the channel for success. With some of the optimization of the key channel settings, you can quickly set yourself up. Creating your channel for the success, just ready to maximize all your views, the subscribers, and there the traffic on the youtube, so how to create a new youtube channel along with the key settings . you need to maximize your results, as we go through each section, we will learn all the top tips to really how to optimize your channel and your content.

Creating a channel banner, create a thumbnail, create end screens, and youtube video keyword research help you come up with the topics and ideas of content, that people actually want. So once you have got your channel setup, make sure you are coming back and checking that amazing research. 1st we have to go on the Youtube app or, then on the screen, you will see on the top right-hand corner, there is a sign-in button and make sure you are signed in, if you are signed in, you will see your profile picture will appear and if you haven’t signed up yet, simply click on the sign-in button and then you will go to your google account which your youtube account will be associated with.

and if you don’t have Google or Gmail account yet, below just click on the create account, the two dropdowns will appear there which are ‘my self’ or to ‘manage my business’. if you have a company website or company domain, and you just don’t want to use your first and the last name then we can choose to manage my business.

So just go ahead now and sign in, and once you are signed in you will see your profile picture and a brand new account have been set up and in the options, you will see create a channel and if you don’t have any channel yet, you can easily just click on the create my channel and if you will have a google account previously, then clicking on your profile image here you might not see create my channel, you have to come down to settings and then down you will see add or manage your channels just after clicking the button, you will see create a channel and if you have other channels with your google account, and then when you click on the create a new channel, you will see brand account name –

just type your brand account name and click on the create and if you don’t have any youtube channel associated yet, after clicking on the create a new channel, you will see a message box appearing saying ‘get started’  then the question will appear saying ‘choose how to create your channel’ there are two options – use your name and use a custom name.  I personally recommend selecting a custom name or a brand channel. because there we get an additional feature of the brand channel is it usually gives access to your channel to someone else,


like you will get help from someone else in uploading videos and help you out with your comments and give them access to the channel where you don’t need to give your Google user account and password. you can just assign them as the channel manager and if you’ve got a brand account there on youtube. This has given extra flexibility so most of the peoples. will choose the custom name or a brand channel.  Then after select it. we have to give our channel its name, then click on the create box and just go ahead and create your youtube channel.

  There a message appears saying that your youtube channel is created successfully. Then going ahead, you have to upload a profile picture. Then we will tell our viewers about our channel, by writing out a description to our channel. We can also add some links to our youtube channel as well.

Then all our channels have been set up. we can do a little customization, then we will just go on the youtube studio dashboard area, down to the customization area, and just go ahead with the customization of your youtube channel. This is we had created our youtube channel.

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