Google adsense is the program  being running through google.

How to earn money through adsense
Author: Summaiya Mahajan

In which  publishers in  google network of content site serve text, images, videos and very more interactive media that is advertising which is targeted to site content and audience, advertisement can be administered , maintained as well and sorted by google there itself. They can  generate revenue on  a per-impression or also on per-click basis to be followed.

Google beta-tested a cost-per – action services which are disconnected or discontinued it in October 2008 in favour of double click which was also owned  itself by google. Adsense is just a participant where in which all the adchoices program in adsense so ads typically which includes triangle shaped adchoices icon. There google adsense program also operates on the  HTTP cookies. In 2021 over a 38.3 million websites have been  using the  adsense. In  year 2014, google had earned US $3.4 billion $ 13.6 billion in which it is annualized , or 22% of total revenue, through google adsense. Best Strategy for Seo Ranking in 2021.

What is google adsense actually :-

Some of the webmaster put a significant effort into  maximizing their adsense income. There do this mainly by the following best practise :-

  1. These are following webmaster guidelines.
  2. Theydo  not even try  methods that are encouraging the users to click the  ads , google has prohibited webmasters from using the phrases like ‘’click on my adsense ads’’ just  to increase click rates. Here the  phrases accepted are ‘’sponsored links’’ and ‘’advertisements’’.
  3. it produce a GOOD Quality content that attracts and also engages the user and had provided a good user experience.
  4. There do not link or redirect to websites with a poor reutation.
  5. They avoid flooding their website with advertisements.

Websites that are just very rich in the specific content, just have a very successful advertising program, and the number of the publisher , all  the case studies as well as adsense of the website. Further google has also removed the policy of limiting adsense ads to the three ads per page. According to google guidelines on ensuring proper ad placement . advertising and promotional and the material should not be exceeded on the page content.


Lets overview the topest tips for making money using adsense , google adsense is an advertising program which allows you to run ads on your website , blog, or youtube videos and you will get paid when the user  clicks / visit them. The ads which are in there are also generated from the businesses that are useing  google adwords program that you are using a special adsense code in the blog or website. For new website or the blog,  google adsense program can be one of fastest ways to generate a very great income, which it is why its becoming so popular.

Here are some PROS & CONS with google adsense :-

The google adsense programme has a several great advantages includes the following list :-

  • There is a variety of the ad options and let several that you can customize . to fit the look of your site.
  • Its free to join
  • Eligibility for the  requirements are very easy, which means that we can monetize  the  websites or the blog even when its very new.
  • You can also run ads on several websites from your google adsense account
  • Google also pays you monthly directly by depositing if the  meet of 100$ threshold is completed.
  • There are also various options to run the ads on mobile devices and RSS feeds.
  • You can also add them very easily on your blogger and youtube  accounts,  youtube accounts  you need to have ATLEAST 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watching time to run adsense on the videos.

Here are some of the few drawbacks also to the adsense as  well :-

  • Like all forms of the online income you will need to traffic in order to make money.
  • It doesn’t necessarily pay you more than other similar as other ad program.
  • Google can also  terminate your account in an instant if  its not very forgiving if you break rules.
  • When the people will click on any of the adsense ad, you will also make some money, but  visitor also leaves your site, that which means you will lose the opportunities of to make the money with higher paying affiliate products and services.

Adsense is also very great monetization option, but its not a get-rich-quick or make-money-doing – nothing program. Now further as google has  rules that if some blogger seem to miss use it when reading in terms and services, as a result, many websites owners have to found out in laborious manner that they need profaned a google policy and have lost their account forever.

How to earn money through adsense

Types of adsense ads:

  • IMAGES :-

Image ads are all the graphic ads, that comes in a variety of sizes, which you can choose and  then ad feed option that mixes both text and images ad.


These are the interactive ad types that can include the HTML , video and the flash.


This has allowed you to have the google search box on your website or blog, when a user enters a term and conducts a search , and the search results  page opens with adsense ads, which you can customize  colour schemes of search results pages to the harmonize with the website.


Google pays to  direct deposit or check each of  earnings reach or exceed $100,, if you don’t earn $ 100 in each month, your earning s roll over and are added to  next month, each time when you had reach the $100 threshold, google will issue a payment of the payment period, through your adsense account, you can see your current earnings and what ads are getting generated  most clicks and  other helpful data.


Here making a significant amount with the adsense which requires the plan, and here is also the tips for maximizing  the adsense revenue :-

  • Read  google rules :-

Here the webmasters must comply with the  adsense program policy as well as the googles webmaster policies.

  •  Just Don’t click on your own ads or just ask others to click on them :-

Incentivizing clicks and buying pay per click (PPC) space . or using the program designed just to drive to adsence pages and which are against the rule. Always remember, google isn’t very forgiving about breaking of rules, so always be make sure to follow them.

  • Have a great content that your target markets want to read :-

Ultimately  money is made, whether through  adsense or other monetization methods, by providing valuable and best contents and quality to your blog or website.

  • Always use the honest, organic traffic- building website for the marketing techniques :-

Article marketing and search engine optimization are very effective in getting the free traffic to the website.

  • Be sure that your website /blog is optimized for mobile that is responsive :-

number of people who use the mobile devices is high, and also make sure that youre using responsive ads so google can send  appropriate ad sizes for mobile devices viewing your site.

  • Test ad types and  placements to find the options that lead  most income:-

Always start with standard sizes (300x 250, 728 x 90 and 160x 600 ) and  switch them out see if one size leads to the more clicks than another.

  • Have ads about the fold:-

This is the section of your page that is viewable without scrolling

  • Have a leader board ad below your logo/header:-

Instead of putting an ad  at the very top of the page , try to put it near your logo where its more likely to be noticed.

  • Max out your ad placement:-

You are allowed to three standard ad placements per page , always use all of them for maximum benefit.

  • Monitor it with  your results:-

Google give you tools and feedback . but always do your best to analyze your data to see what it says about results so you can make your most of the efforts.

  • Include in content ads for visibility :-

This means  having ads within your articles can increase clicks because of they’ll be seeing during the course of the reading  post.

  • Read the email from the google:-

This is always very important . if google is sending a warning about something or some action that it doesn’t like on your site. If failure to deal with the googles complaints will lead to termination in program.


How to earn money through adsense

Here once you once have the ads running on your specific site, you’ll just need to confirm that are becoming the foremost of your adsense program. Here are some of  additional tips to consider when  ready to also boost your adsense income:-

  1.  1st step is that Run experiments :-

You can A/B test your ads through adsense.

  • 2nd step is that Enable placements targeting:-

This allows advertising to choose where their ads will appear.

  • 3rd step is that Setup a custom channels:-

This gives you a better sense of whats working and not working to generate income on your site.

  •  The 4th step is Experiment with links and box colours:-

If your colour matches with your  theme, consider changing them up to see if it impacts results.




There within the Revenue is merely per 1000 impression which is represented to the estimated earnings of the 1000 impressions you receive , RPM doesn’t represent the what proportion you’ve got actually earned, rather it’s been calculated by dividing the estimated earnings by number of the page views, impressions or queries you received then by multiplying by 1000.

For example:-

  • If you earned an estimate on  $0.15 from 25 page views , then your page RPM would equal to $0.15 to 25 * 1000 or $6.00
  • If you have earned as the estimate of $ 180 from 45000 ad impressions . your ad RPM would equal $180/ 45000 * 1000 or $ 4.00

RPM is commonly used in the number of advertising programs . and you may find it very helpful for comparing the revenue across different channels.


The Google adsense is on one of  best and most popular ad networks to use to monetize your website or your blogs. It works as  per click or per pay impression system which only requires no additional  work after the setup and is used by many many sites that are online, been backed by the google for more than a decade,. The Adsense review the tips below to see whether the website . of your blog is ready and qualifies for google adsense :-

  1.  Just Have a quality content:-

It is very important that your blog or site have a original content.

  •  Then Check your designs:-

Google adjusts search rankings based on the site designs, if they are mobile responsive then the rankings are higher.

  •  Do Have a privacy policy page:-

A privacy policy page shows to  google that the items that you have set terms for how you will protect  privacy of your site and the blog.

  • Just Have an about page:-

It requires an about page for your blog or website to get approved to the adsense

  •  Do Have a contact page:-

Your blog or sites last page which may include a contact page to get approved for a adsense.

  •  Just Have the  eligible content :-

Adsense will not be approved if your site or blog will have any prohibited content.

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