How to start your career on a Website with Zero Experience

In Today Time people will always think that Building a Website is Quite Hard. But that’s not true I will show you the best and easy way to get your site ready within weeks. Building a Website is not rocket science. So, whether you are a Blogger, Photographer, Businessman, etc. every one needs a WEBSITE for Marketing or growing their business on a Large Scale or even to earn money from Adsense.

How to Find your Niche?

Before Building up the Website first you should know what are you building for, for example; a FITNESS Website or an Ecommerce Website( Like Amazon), or just a blogging Website. Because if you don’t have any niche you cannot work on your site for a long period of time. Even google Ranks that Website which only focuses on one niche. Once you got your niche now it’s time to build up the website.

Website Career
Author: Ben Ramos

Choose Your Platform?

What I mean by platform. In 2011 when I started my journey as a Website Developer Most of the sites used to get built with HTML, CSS, and PHP. Each of these took a long time to learn. So I thought learning Languages will just waste your time rather than going or choosing WordPress (Gutenberg). So I learned that It just takes 7 to 8 days to build a good enough Website.

Find Your Domain and Hosting?

After Getting Your Niche and Platform now it’s time to get your Domain name and the Hosting.

In order to get a new website online, there are two things you’re going to need.

1) A Domain Name(eg.

2. Website Hosting( a web service that connects your site with the global Internet)

WordPress platform is free but you have to pay for your Hosting and domain name. However, the domain with hosting will cost you 12$ or 900-1000 rupees.

In order to look professional, you should have your own Domain name, Rather than having a free one(eg.

And having a good hosting plan will help you to get a good amount of visitors as it will load faster and even google will rank if your site loads faster than your competitors.

Where do I get a good domain name and hosting?

I’ve usually used Hostinger as a web hosting and domain registrar. As their Web Hosting cost less than a pizza price ($1.87)and give you a free domain name.

and even you can try other hosting providers. But you should see how many visitors your hosting can handle. It also provides free unlimited professional Emails (for eg. [email protected]).

If you had done all the above steps so let’s move to the next step.

What Domain should I Pick?

  • if you are setting up a business website, in this case your domain should match with your company name.
  • if you are planning on making personal blog(Website) then your name will be a great option.

There are Various domain name which ends with .com, .net, .in, .org etc. and there more common extension. But the more valuable extension is .com and .in.

Implement Best and Valuable Content

Now you had finished with site development and now you’ll be having a question about how to write or research valuable content.

  • First find out the keyword your are targeting for SEO.
  • Search the keyword and see which all site ranks on that keywords and then have a look on there content and see what point they had not mentioned and then you may start writing which is new or you can say different from the others website.
  • Focus on Onpage and OFFpage SEO.
  • If you want to Rank your post get as much backlink as you can from a good or high domain authority.

Regularly Create and Publish a Fresh content

Website Career

Fresh and Regular Content is very important for ranking on google’s first page. So, it’s important that you create or plan to publish your content on a daily basis if not, try to publish it 3 times a week. The more high-Quality content the more it gonna rank so try to publish fresh and new updated news or article on your niche. Make sure your content is user-friendly so that even a 10yrs old can read your content easily.

Maintenance Plan for Website

A website shouldn’t be created and left to grow stale. In order to have a successful website and a career in it, you have to give a good amount of time and always try to learn something new from our website or from google as well.

Here are some tips to create a small website with a good maintenance plan;

1) Once you publish your sitemap on the google search console, always check its coverage so you will know which of your website posts is not mobile-friendly or has some errors which will result in a downgrade of your post from google rank.

2) Use plugins like the G site to get to know your audience’s needs and work according to them.

3) Use the LiteSpeed plugin to Optimize your site for better and Fast Ranking. It not only helps in Speeding up your Website but also compresses your website to load fast.

4) Make Sure all your Plugins are kept to Auto Update.

5) Run daily Security Scans for Malware so that it won’t get HACKED.

6) Don’t forget to do the Onpage and off-page SEO.

7) Make Sure your Website is backed up every week.

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