5 ways to Tame All Animals In Minecraft Tips You Need To Learn Now.

How to tame all animals in Minecraft 2021. It has been 11 years since the first Minecraft alpha build was released. Now the game has managed to become the best selling game of all time with over 200 million copies sold. Microsoft claims the game currently has over 126 million monthly active users. It has detailed, that it saw a surge of 25 per cent.

New players in April with a 40 per cent spike in multiplayer sessions. To recall, Microsoft revealed the game had surpassed 100 million sales back in 2016.

The gaming community is huge on YouTube, but it is segmented into various games. People only come to watch content about a single game and then leave. YouTube in its Rewind 2019 video revealed viewership stats for the biggest games. Grand Theft Auto videos had 40 billion views in 2019 and Fortnite had over 60.9 billion views in 2019.

Dwarfing both of these and taking the top spot were Minecraft videos with over 100.2 billion views. In this post we will see How to tame all animals in Minecraft 2021

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How to make a map in Minecraft

Today we’re going to show you how to make a map in Minecraft. What we need is sugarcane right there hopefully it will be enough and watch off cactus. Alright so we need to collect six and a bit more so now you need to make new the sugar cane to make a paper and what you’re going to do.

it’s turn the sugar cane into paper that should do it. Nothing ethic you need two more and so there’s your nine pieces of paper. I think that was three stalks of sugarcane and what you want to do is take your compass. Okay and put in the center and then take your paper and put it around the compass. Like so all right and then you have your map all right so that’s how you make a map in Minecraft. How to tame all animals in Minecraft 2021

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How to tame and Breed Horses/Donkey in Minecraft

In this post we will be talking about horses. And I know just think your horses have been in the game for absolutely ages. Why would you need to explain them well for some. New players horses can be quite confusing because I know. When I first started playing the game I was really confused by horses. And how to actually tame them and breed them so. How to tame all animals in Minecraft 2021

Today we will be teaching you how to breed and tame horses so over here we have some prime examples of horses

How to tame Horses and Donkey in Minecraft

So basically the first thing you’re gonna need to actually. A tame the horses is the horse itself so if we go over here and simply right. Click on this horse we will get onto the horse button. Kick this off straight away because that’s how you actually tame them.

So basically when you get on you will get kicked off the horse. Obviously and so much to get him out of here for a second. You just won’t get a lead or something in a second

So if we push him out here and we get into the open space. And if you right-click on him you look down the horse right. So now I’m on the horse but he look oh he just came okay. And so basically when he tames he will give you this little inventory. That’s how you know he’s tamed and there would be a saddle slot. And an armor slot so that’s when you know your horse is actually tamed

He will not kick you off anymore and you can now control him with a saddle. And so when you are first doing it though you basically how you tame. It is you have to actually like face where the horse is facing so like you have to whichever way he turns you have to turn to you with your character so you have to turn your head whichever way the horse is going that’s a strategy to do it so you have to turn your head over he’s turning and eventually

if you just keep right-clicking him eventually he will tame him. And that is how you do it basically so for some horses it’s a lot harder than others. But mostly it’s it’s a pretty simple concept and so basically you just keep doing it you keep following his head wherever he goes until he will eventually tame and there we go you get the hard particles and then you know he’s tamed and that’s basically how you tame a horse and the same thing goes for donkeys and mules over there

I’m actually blocked this guy back in for a second and okay so and when you have your horse named like that guy over there you can literally grab a saddle and a lead and if you want to horse armor horse armor is an optional thing and yet our horse armor go to our server or diamond horse armor they can all be found in mob chests underground and in dungeons and such so when you have your horse like this you can shift right-click and are you just regular guys

if you really want if you’re cooking with a saddle this inventory will open up right talking with a free hand you’ll get onto him and so yeah if you want to just open this thing you can just shift and right click with an empty hand and you can open it in the inventory and then you can put a saddle into the saddle slot and now he will have a saddle on oh man it looks pretty cool and so now if you hop on him . How to tame all animals in Minecraft 2021

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You can actually steer where it’s going by a point in your cursor whichever way you want to go. And then you use the WASD Keys like you’d normally do in Minecraft to actually move them around. And like normal and you can just literally strafe and all that good stuff. It’s pretty good and if you press the spacebar he will actually jump now horses have. Different statistics so you can actually go into like the Minecraft website or whatever and find the statistics about horses

And how good or how good they are and how bad they are and such. And there’s plenty of tools to actually use. To actually check how what kind of statistics the horse has like how fast it is how much health it has how tough it is how high can he jump.

How to tame and Breed all animals in Minecraft 2021

How to breed Horses and Donkey

How to tame all animals in Minecraft 2021

Now I’m going to show you to breed the horses. Okay so now we’ve tamed one we can show you how to read the horses and. Taming donkeys are a lot harder than to tame that horses. I’ve noticed and I don’t know if it’s just a random thing.

But I’m yeah for some reason donkeys are a lot harder to tame I don’t know why okay I think this one’s tame the red easy. For breeding first you need to tame both of them.

Cool trick about donkey

I’m actually gonna show you a cool thing with donkeys and a lot of people know how to do this what if you get a chest and go over to a donkey has tamed a certain price of course so let’s top on the stock. okay anyway so basically when you tame a donkey and you can literally if you were shifter I could cut him with an open hand you can see there’s one slot for a saddle alright. +

what all people don’t know this if you shift like a donkey with a chest oops wait Oh everybody you know Jeff perfect you just right-click normally okay with a chest he we’ll now have an inventory a full inventory where you can put stuff in and like transport which is really really cool all people don’t know that but

it’s a really nifty feature actually you can have like your stuff stored in here. And it can be riding around your donkey where your stuff in it. So and if we help on this guy here. You can open this while you’re riding in and you can have all your stuff stored inside so you basically like how much is this is 15 extra inventory slots which is really really good actually it’s really really good and I can see it’s definitely worth doing I’ve done it so well before it’s actually really useful

breeding horses

How to tame all animals in Minecraft 2021

Now we will go on breading right. So when you actually have horses like this you can breed them using a golden carriage. This is the only way to actually beat horses you can feed them. These to heal them faster they will they will feel naturally over time. Of course they’re one of the few mobs that actually does healing naturally

And but if you feed them carrots they will not actually breed. And you would think horses would be because of carrots right but. No they actually don’t and you’ve to use golden carrots. To actually bread these guys so if you okay I fed him and

I fed that one too so now they’re breathing and they will make a baby horse and so yeah there we go that is a new baby horse and of course you can actually grow these guys up really fast using either wheat carrots or I think golden carrots or – yeah golden carrots work – so you’ll know it’s eating it if it opens its mouth and you can hear little like crunching sound

fastest way to grow horses

whenever you’re feeding it and so the fastest way to actually grow these guys up is by getting hay bales and to make a hay bale it’s literally just and what’s they call it nine wheat in a crafting grid like this you know this is your crafting grid here using nine of them like this and that’ll give you one hay bale and if you feed the baby horse like six hay bales it goes up instantly one

it’ll grow up just like that that’s really really fast the rest of the thing is you could take like two stalks of courage to grow up a horse because they are not the best and the same with wheat and golden hearts they don’t really do that much but the hay bales are really really good to be honest they will grow up the horse like instantly

How to tame and Breed all animals in Minecraft 2021


So it’s definitely worth making the hay bales in my opinion and so yeah anyway moving on okay so to actually breed donkey and horse or just two horses you have to have naturally tame

You actually have to have both things tamed and then you can actually feed them the golden Caroline we’ll then breed so as you can see we just right-click both of those and now they will make a mule and the mule is across between horse and donkey of course and yeah the mule cannot be bred with another horse or donkey or another mule so mules cannot reproduce basically so

I’m trying to say here they’re the only horse type animal that cannot breed or reproduce so that’s the final form basically that’s as far as they can go and so yeah you can be two horses you can breed two donkeys you’ll beat a donkey and a horse but you cannot breed a meal with anything else

so that’s it that’s all you get so yeah that’s pretty much how you actually tame mobs or not mobs tame horses and donkeys and mules in Minecraft the same thing with a little with a mule the same with a timid you can literally hop on it and then I believe mules also allow you to place a chest on them you know if the same way the horse are the donkey has a saddle with them with the chest I think you can do same thing with mule .

How to tame and breed fox in minecraft

This is just a quick guide on how to tame and breed foxes I’m just gonna be quick about this don’t waste too much time but essentially you can’t tame wild foxes it’s worth mentioning that straight away the only way to tame them is to actually breed a new one and take it away from its family and to do that.

I always advise people to make leads way over into my hand get two of them they’ll be in like snowy areas or like foresty biomes if you fight if you’re lucky to find them and then lead them back to like a pen dairy like I have here

Then once you do that what you need to do with the two wild ones is breed them so to do that you do what I just did there berries and like a normal mob it will breed a new baby as soon as the baby’s bred you need to try and get away from the family as soon as possible so to do that for instance we’ll leave this one away cause the fence quickly I’m gonna leave this one away to a fenced area that I created over here with another baby

if my game wants to work yes you need to do it away from the family I was gonna stay there the idea is that you want it to make you think that you’re it’s mom and dad essentially so to do that I need to just drag it away with the lead away from its mom and dad and then for the point of safety I’m just gonna tie it to the fence see it then what you can do there is there after time and after being away from its family it will consider you it’s for Arva basically so for instance

I’m just gonna feed it berries here just in general so like if I’ve done this correctly this one should follow me of course I’m not going let’s go to survival so yeah as you can see this one here is that should be my pet right now

it’s actually carrying something in its mouth for me as well but it is still like as you can see possible that we run away so it’s just far more simpler to keep it the stuff until a point that it does follow you and then bite then you should have a little fox army.

so as you can see there I was able to go be for safety so yeah just keep them away from the mom and dad and just come back and feed embarrass occasionally and when they get to adults they should be able to be yours

Then they’ll be on your side essentially until then try and keep them away from the parents for as long as possible cuz yeah there’s just there’s just too many variables.

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