Impact of COVID- 19 on Technology:

covid effects on Technology
Author: Summaiya Mahajan

Technology Here, we will have a look at the impacts of Covid-19, or nowadays very popularly known as Corona Virus. Covid-19 is a disease of a very large family of viruses. which causes the illness that is ranging from the common cold to very severe diseases such as the Middle East respiratory syndrome and also acute respiratory syndrome. the Covid -19 is found and caused by the coronavirus that has been recently identified in humans. Through google cloud platform how to get a dedicated server?

Now getting started, we will have a look at the impacts of Covid-19 on the technology, Clouds Storage.

The ways of working could change post coronavirus, there is also a disruption to the global supply chains due to Covid -19. Due to coronavirus, there are very great impacts on the various facilities, that is such as the Companies and the work places have shut down, there is also a very great impact on the students as. the schools, as well as the colleges, are also closed, as the virus is in the air itself and if any person is suffering from very mild symptoms of the Covid -19, they have to take precautions such as staying in a separate room or just get quarantined for 15 days, till he/she is feeling well,

without any emergency we don’t have to go out from our houses, and if there we go out for some of the emergency, the 1st and the most important thing is that we have to wear a proper mask and sanitize our hands very frequently, we have to stay away, at least 2meter far and make distance from each other. Many companies are shut down, because of this pandemic as we don’t have to make crowd anywhere.

Getting started we will see the impacts on the companies as well as the technologies in this pandemic of covid-19.

Here the enterprises have taken steps to limit the spread of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. covid-19, from the quarantines to the factories shut down and closures. There the Big tech companies have also canceled the events and the shows, sometimes just having the online-only streamed events. There is also a supply chain disruption and some of the tech companies. which used to rely on China for the components are facing product delays and also the lost revenues,

nowadays in today’s time in the technology has been affected on there on the IT as well as the industry. and also why some of the companies are faring much better than others in the face of the potential global health pandemic. Some of the personal events have also been canceled by the companies. due to the fear of covid -19, some of the examples are as follows:-

Facebook has canceled F8- Facebook had decided to. cancel the in-person components of the F8 2020 developers conference in San Jose, Calif. The decision had come up just 10days after the social media company have announced it. that it is canceling the global marketing summit in San – Francisco, and some of the other companies with the well-known tech events, they are as follows, such as the Apples WWDC, Is also eyeing on the prospect of the canceling their events.

covid effects on Technology

As well as Google has also canceled IO and many more. Some of the companies such as Microsoft, and App info Online, even though the physical events are not going to happen. there are online events having nowadays. Whatever the announcements are going to come. we have to accept. it and follow all the rules and the regulations of this pandemic. Production delays for some companies are likely given a much reliance. to the Chinese brokers in their supply chains, the factory closure, and some of the tech components from china are affected. In this pandemic what will be affected is the hub display as well. some of the tech companies have also given the specifics of how the Covid -19 have affected the revenue.

While the ultimate effects of the coronavirus are difficult to estimate, the company has also reduced the revenue and the outlook. for the first quarter of fiscal 2021 by $100 million to account for the potential impact. as the company has said in the statement if the company has implemented the quarantine policies, there is probably the workers will rely on slack and zoom, and also collaboration tools for coronavirus fears, there the server sales. the display production and also the revenues are been affected by the Covid -19. Then the effect of the Covid -19 is having a significantly great impact on the technology for the sector of the supply of the affecting raw materials. there the disrupting of the electronics value chains.

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