Ten Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Games Like Pubg.

PUBG was a fantastic game, millions and millions people had played this game and really enjoyed playing a game like PUBG. PUBG is a game, which has been at the top of the charts on the app store . and the google play store for months on end  & millions of millions of people enjoyed playing this game.

but what if they got bored after a while, what if they played a really bad couple of matches and rage. quits & wanted to try something a little bit different , well thats where. here are top 10 Games like Pubg, that you can try out if you want a change of pace. similar to PUBG, not said that any of these games are better than PUBG, because the truth is. its really hard to beat a fantastic game like PUBG but they are cool and worth.

1) Survivor Royale: Pubg Alternative

To Start things off , the first Games like Pubg that we are going to have a look on is none other than Survivor Royale! many of you may had heard about it , it is quite the Solid battle Royale game. its most budge version of PUBG, absolutely the Graphics are not good as PUBG, maybe try out the experiencing lot of lag or the device just cant handle PUBG, it has lots of same weapons & similar controls & has pan from table G & the major differences are the layout of UI itself, map & vehicles. There are some cool vehicles & fights in the water with better ships .

2) Garena Free Fire: Pubg Alternative

Moving to the next Royale game, it is one of the most popular game called Garena Free Fire!. This is not the budget version of PUBG , Because it is very comparable to PUBG in many aspects. Its highly competitive battle royale , that a lot of big streamers playing right now & its different than PUBG, there are only 50 people in a regular match & matches that take 10mins on an average as compared to PUBG matches which take almost 30mins. There are lot of different characters similar to PUBG is beginning.

Remember victor coming out recently, a lot of different smaller game mode like toxic zone, rush hour & clash squad, custom rooms, a changing map, each updates monster trucks to air drops and tons of unique in-game items , that make this game different from PUBG. Battle grounds could be the first to try out. The basic battle royale mode remains the same.

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You’ll drop on remote island to find good weapons & medkits & stay inside the safe zone to win the battle. We can also sreate 4-man squads amongst ourselves to devise a strategy in game voice chat. Graphics are smooth , so you dont face any lag while playing  the game. There are limited weapons & anti-cheating system does not work in this Games like Pubg.

3) Rule of Survival: Pubg Alternative

Moving to the next game , that is probably one of the most well known games, is Rule of Survival. But now a days its not much popular that it could used to be in 2017-2018, but still its a big game that came before PUBG. The game took a lot of time to develop a really unique set of characteristics including different unique maps between 120 for the smaller map and 300 players in bigger map in a battle royale match.

There are lot of different weird weapons, game modes & vehicles & lots of funny things you wouldn’t  assume to be in this game. The developers  added  a silly aspect to the rules of survival. If u are looking for a comedic version of PUBG you may try out this game.

4) Cyber Hunter: Pubg Alternative

Another game that we are going to have a look , that is a game like PUBG , is well known game as Cyber Hunter! is a chinese science fiction battle royale game. It is next generation competitivegame. It consists of different and various elements like survival, shooting skills, exploration and much more.

In short to be described , it’s a brand new gaming experience.This game is unique because climbing up walls, gilding on the tops of the buildings rolling your creater to the key feature is having cubes that can help in destroying the physical bearers & lot of cool features , it may take a little time to understand & used to because of very different game play mechanics as compared to PUBG. Probably the best game as its top in the list of the gaming world.

5) Call of Duty: Pubg Alternative

Moving to the next game , here it is the Call of Duty! You will also get PUBG like experience in this game. Call of duty was launched last year both for Android & iOS , To give a tough and stiff competition to PUBG, this game is having a community in India, same like PUBG, and as we are saying that PUBG is banned in India, its very perfect to try this fantastic and amazing  battle royale game.The best part of the game call of duty is that it gives same experience as playing PUBG.

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A 100 Player battle royale mode & multiplayer modes and same experience as playing PUBG. A 100 Player battle royale mode & multiplayer modes and much more.e can customize the characters, weapons, earn rewards,unlock new characters & many more things.

It is best that it takes only 2GB of the storage & works well on budget android devices , so it is sufficient to replace PUBG in Indian Markets. Call of duty is best alternative for PUBG. Similarly only the community is relatively smaller than PUBG.

6) Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival:

Here comes another battle royale game , known as Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival! Its a game like PUBG that has got rave reviews from the gaming community. It focused on creating an alternative Games like Pubg , that has survival as its main theme.

This game has survival modes where you can play against 121 players & last man standing wins the match. The game is not just about guns and weapons, on the other side you need to have sharp strategic skills same as PUBG to win the round. We can drive a helicopter, face the fatal battle ground to win in the death match & land in new places.

The environment of the game is having a feel of an Asian Aesthetic. It has almost 50Million Downloads  alone on the Play store itself. You are followed by the hazard zone so you need to be in the safe zone to contine the game. Here also Anti-cheating system does not work. Hopeless Land is a fit replace ment for PUBG.

7) Battlelands Royale: Pubg Alternative

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8) ScarFall : The Royal Combat: Pubg Alternative

As we are seeing the ultimate countdown of the battle royale games , here comes the another PUBG like game called as the ScarFall: The Royal Combat! Has a unique distinction in the list of the game. This game is one of the few battle royale games that have been developed by an Indian studio.

The AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge launched by Prime Minster Narendra Modi, Scarfall is one of the top Made-in –India apps in the Gaming Category Recently.Scarfall has both online and soffline multiplayer gaming modes. Here you will have to survive in the safe zone & you have only 3 chances to win in the game. If in case , you have to play as a single player(solo) or in 4v4 squad mode , then you can do it here as well.

The Scarfall offers both the third-person & the first- person shooter mode . In term , basically the theme of the gameplay seems just like PUBG , that had cross 1M downloads on the playstore. In the game , the Graphics are pretty good & it has a growing community, the game supports FPS & TPS.

9) Black Survival:

Here on our game countdown list comes , an another battle royale game , known as the Black Survival!. The much hyped PUBG like game , Black Survival adds its own flair  & now has built a  cult among mobile users. The game is having a fast action , where you can select an anime character & they are dropped on the island with 22 various and different areas that includes beach, forest, hospitals and many more.

These all locations are then blocked as the Battle Field narrow, you can take a charge and fight for the top spot in this 20min Gameplay. The different types of characters in the game will give the special abilities & weapons. In this unique gameplay can be challenging for some of you to be very quick on your feet.

You have to memorize to craft about almost 600 types of weapons, tools & foods. Over all the game Black Survival can be a crazy action packed adventure. Mainly the game consists of 10 player Deathmatch and a huge collection of weapons and consists unique islands, just in this game the community is small.

10) Danger Close:

Here comes another battle royale game that has been improved in the recent past significantly the game is known as the Danger Close!. The best part of this game The Danger Close is now featuring a new map which is much bigger and huge & has added new mechanics just to term as looting, recoil & a brand new inventory system.

Here we can play multiplayer battle also. Saying about the map, we can choose to play in the eight different places such as the pirate-infested island or aliens planets. After all the graphics does not comes to the execellent game environment like PUBG but with some of the small footprints you are able to quickly  join an online deathmatch, which is great.

Apart from that we can join online deathmatch and play anytime we want. Simply if we are looking for a multiplayer game so the Danger Close Is a good alternative to PUBG game. Mainly the game consists of online multiplayer death match , much bigger and wider map, we can choose a variety of locations & the download size is bit and pretty small.

Similarly the games which are just like PUBG are Call of duty and Fortnite. In this games there is multiple gaming modes that include the popular 100- player Death match.

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