Through GCP How to get a dedicated server now?

Here are some of the simple steps to get a dedicated server through. GCP which is the GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM – Let’s starts with the following steps. and here is how we will do it systematically :

  1. Here is the 1st step , we just have to go to the google cloud platform console, and the simple thing is that we have to just do a sign up or if you have and just want to go to the compute engine section there , using the hamburger menu of the top left of the screen. you can also watch, Azure Cloud How To Configure The Secure Sphere?
  2. The 2nd step involves , just to enable the compute engine and if it is not just already enebled , then we have to setup the billing and we will need to add the credit card or the PayPal but we just don’t have to worry , we will be not charged .
  3. In the 3rd step we have to create the new instance , which is one of the free tier in the location, which are the Oregon , South Carolina and lowa , with the machine type which is just we have to type f1-micro.
  4. Last the 4th step is we just have to finish the server configuration , and we have to make sure to add the maximum 30 GB free disk space with the spin up the server.

Here are also some of the steps to configure a dedicated server. which are followed by six simple steps, lets start:

  1. The step 1 is very simple , just we have to start the configuration process. If we just don’t have a account , we will have to do the signup and get started. There in the bottom of the left side bar . we will see the dedicated server tab, which we wanted to select.
  2. In the 2nd step , we have to select the numbers of CPU cores you need. Here the CPU is the main part of the server that will just perform the computations, means running the programs. There are almost 12 cores in the CPU , we can select which one we need.
  3. There in the 3rd step  we will choose the storage solution. We have to choose just how much storage does the server will have, according to the CPU cores.
  4. In the 4th step just Add RAM to the server. The RAM is one of the most important factors for the functioning of the site. We have to just confirm that how much RAM will the server will use. The site traffic, applications, and the operating system affects the RAM most.
  5. There in the 5th step we have to decide if you want to just migrate an existing server. We can choose everything from the migrating to the dedicated servers. If we want to just migrate any of the data we . have to just set the don’t migrate any of the users or domains.
  6. The last is the 6th step , that we have to select the payment plan. We are then successfully just configured to the dedicated server.

How to hide public IP with terraform in google cloud 2021?

Server GCP

Here is how we can hide the public IP using the terraform in the google cloud as follows:

The data can be displayed on the unnecessary sites on the network providers on the cloud, where cloud computing will make the data backup, the business continuity, and the disaster recovery, which is less expensive and very much accessible, here there is a better understanding for the language of the software and the computing. Here the public IPs are the easiest way for us to expose the enterprise. the environment of the internet. Here are very much hiding and limiting public IPs which comes to the security and the settings. Just to understand that we have to use the public IPs in our network.

Here is how we can hide or just change the public IPs, or the one that will need to just change the VM instances to the public IP. here is an example which is the virtual machine that will be hosted on the Google infrastructure. and also we can also create a model, by just using the Google cloud console.

Here we will also see about the terraform. what is it all about, the terraform is just an open-source of the infrastructure as the code of the software company which will be named as the HashiCorp?

There the users will always provide the data center and also the infrastructure which will then define all the structures of. the declarative configuration and also a well-known hashiCorp configuration language or the JSON.

The terraforms are also used for enhancing. and the versioning of the infrastructure which is very safe and very efficient. Here the terraforms will be managing the custom in-house for the solutions will be as well as the popular and the existing service providers. and also the configuration files will just describe performing the terraform components . that will be needed to run just a very single application or the handling of the entire data center. We can also use the terraform in the google cloud platform. as terraform will just access the GCP account by only using the service account key     

Can I pass GCP associate only by test papers 2021?

Server GCP

Here is how we can just pass the GCP Associate only by the test papers or not, lets find out the summary, just some of the steps are involved :

  • The 1st step is all about the coursera courses or the Linux and the following academy.
  • The 2nd step is all about the hands on experience.
  • There the 3rd step is just about to read the officially study guide.
  • The 4th step is the GCP Documentations .
  • There in the 5th step we have to test the knowledge as well as the resources to just have a help to understand how to answer the questions.
  • The 6th step is all about the Youtube.

Here is, How to prepare for the GCP Associate cloud engineer certification exams, lets have a look at it also.

Some of the important points during the examination is as follows:

What we will expect in the exam? Let’s begin.

  1. There the examination  consists of all about 50 questions.
  2. Each of all the questions are of the MCQ type – multiple choice questions type.
  3. You have almost 120 minutes to complete the examination, which is there more than enough.
  4. Here the passing examination score is very confidential , it might just change over the time.
  5. You will only get the PASS or FAIL  status , just after completing the examination , not the detailed score or the percentage there.
  6. Then the certificate will be valid for only 2 years , just from the date of getting the certificate & certified.
Server GCP

Here the question is how we will prepare for the examination:

The GCP Associate exam requires a very. a good amount of hands-on practice, and to be very familiar. with all of the implementation level details. There are also some of the tips to get prepared for the examination:

  • The 1st is the Command line GCP:

We have to just work very hard and a lot with the GCloud command-line utility. Here we have to be able to also use the multiple services like the. IAM, App Engine, Compute, etc, just to remember the basics of the command patterns.

  •  The 2nd is the Security GCP:

We have to just be ready for a lot of the IAM questions . and also you have to get the knowledge that how to use the IAM users, the roles, and the service accounts, there and then.

  • There the 3rd is to Compute GCP:

Here you have to read the GCE VMs that is very definitely one of the cores of the infrastructure contents or the components that we should read about it. We should also know the scaling activities, using keys, metadata, and authentication. types also. and also the third type of computing service is the google app engine.

  • The last 4th is the Networking GCP:

Here as we see that the exam has not very heavy on networking concepts but. it is just the basic learning and the understanding of the Firewalls, VPCs, and also some of the other networking components that will help us a lot. here we can assume that the examination is a very good test for GCP knowledge.

Here in the summary, I would say that only the. test papers are not enough for the passing of the GCP Associate. we will need all of the above information and the techniques for the passing.

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