The best 7 tips and tricks of windows 10/7/8 productivity 2021?

Tips and Tricks for Windows. Here now we will have a look at the best tips. And tricks of windows 10/7/8 productivity 2021 and let’s get started :

Here are some of the simple tricks and tips as follows:

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Author: Ben Ramos
  1. Multitasking in the edge , most of us have multiple applications opened at the same time, when we are working. The fastest way in window is we have to switch between these apps . is that we have to use the shortcuts that is Alt + tab, this handy shortcut is only will be worked for apps. Now for the many tabs that we have usually had opened on the internet browser.
  2. That have been changed now, when you press Alt + tab with H open, you will see your browser tabs . right alongside from your other apps that is in the task switcher. There are also some of the settings to change the experience , 1st click on the windows start button, then 2nd click on the  settings , then 3rd click on system and 4th  select multi tasking.
  3. With this settings right here , we can choose whether to show all tabs in the edge or open the windows only or open windows and . 5 most recent tabs in edge or open windows and 3 most recent tabs in the edge and the last one is open windows only . i am very pretty sure that we will all love it.
  4. Turn on the TURBO , not many of us will know about this feature but Windows 10 have a performance mode that you can turn on to make sure that your hardware is running a peak performance , this  is windows mode , most of the people actually never see it because it is only enabled by the default for work stations. Let me show you how to just enable it : Want to Earn Money


1st we have to click on the windows start button and then

2nd  select settings, then

3rd  click on the system and then power & sleep.

 On the right here you will see additional power settings which will take you to the power options. Then you can view all the power plans right here, they are balanced, power saver, and high performance. By typing the command for the ultimate performance plan is the power-duplicate scheme. Then after using that command we can then enable the ultimate performance plan. I just don’t recommend this plan for use all the time because it will prioritize performance over energy efficiency. Powerful projects to use the additional. choose it and after that, you can also change to the balanced plan afterward.

  • Clean up the clutter, the next step is about freeing space on your hard drive  . now with the windows 10 feature called the Storage sense, you can automatically get rid of temporary or unnecessary data or the task, there also it works with the one drive , so it looks through your locally available files and moves them to online only if you haven’t opened them for a certain time frame , this way you can really release a lot of space locally and they are saved in the cloud there,. Let me show you how :
  • Tips and Tricks for windows that you should follow;

1st of all click the windows button

2nd then type in storage and settings,

3rd then you can turn on storage sense.

4th then you can configure it to your needs.

5th then see the default storage space running only once when you are low during the disk space. I just recommend changing this to once every month. Then you decide how to handle and control your temporary files. Here we will usually get the option that deletes temporary files that my apps aren’t using.

Tips and Tricks for windows

Then comes the option of delete files in my recycle bin if they have been there, selecting the option each after 30 days, you can choose at your convenience. then comes another option, that is delete files in my downloads folder if they haven’t been opened for more than – here the option we can set to never, 1day, 10 days, and 30 days, – select the option, based on your convenience. down there in the locally available cloud content we can free up space by moving your files just online, and not local on your device, you can see the list  . when you click on the clean now, that lets windows clean up clutter for you. For More tips Click Here

  • The your phone app, this app has been around for a while but not many of us know about it , it just lets you use your phone without touching it. eg – we can read and send text messages, from the computer, and also send messages through whatsapp or any other app, once your phone is linked on your Pc.

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