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Tips for mobile photography in 2021

so now when you’re shooting in android daylight the thing you have to remember is to use. the least ISO right now my mobile supports ISO 50 so I will be at is 450. When you’re shooting in daylight there’s enough light available and you don’t want to raise the ISO. unnecessarily so the first thing you set is ISO the next thing you set is the shutter speed. the way you set your shutter speed is you just see the exposure.

and you make sure that nothing is going to bright or nothing is going to dark. get the right exposure and set the shutter speed accordingly. if you’re using a faster shutter speed it’s going to reduce the exposure. if you’re using a slower shutter speed it’s going to brighten up the exposure. So depending on the exposure set your shutter speed so when you’re shooting in daylight.

it’s very simple set your ISO first then set your shutter speed. and take the image so when your photography is something. that’s very fast-paced any action any sports you have to freeze the moment. so you have to use a faster shutter speed. Now we will see 7 photography hacks for mobile photography.

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Tips for mobile photography:

This Tips going to Help you to take the best shot with your Mobile phone and it will blow your mind

1) clean your android lens


First tip is just to clean your lens now I know you’re thinking well but I don’t think you actually clean it this thing you keep in your pocket there’s lint there’s whatever gum stickiness and it gets super dirty .

so if you ever taking photos and you’re like why is this looks like faded it’s cuz you need to clean

2) lock your android exposure


You want to know how to do is lock your exposure on your phone on an iPhone all you have to do is in the native app press and hold down on the screen and I will actually bring up this little square and it will lock your exposure from there you can slide up or down depending on if you want more or less on Android phones you can also do this the functionality is just a little bit different depending on your device this also helps locking the focused

3) Underexpose your images


Underexpose your images your phone is likely going to overexpose if you’re just shooting natively so on the side of underexposure so that you can get more data in your images and it’ll definitely help when you’re editing

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4) Shoot raw

To shoot raw in your phone if you didn’t know iPhones and Android phones can both shoot raw basically what it does is gives you more dynamic grain it’s less contrasty and it takes away the plastic look from a lot of phones for iPhone you’re gonna want to shoot in a third party app such as our own the moment AK shameless plug it’s a moment AK moment app for Android phones you can actually shoot raw in the native app of most phones but if you can’t then there’s also the moment app for Android

5) Change your Angle

Change your angle so you’re not always shooting at eye level that is definitely natural to pop your phone and shoot how you see it but bending down and shooting up or getting above your subject and shooting down can really switch up the style of photos

6) Wider Shot

If you shoot with the 58 millimeter lens it gives you that natural compression and a deeper look but if you shoot it with this lens in the pano mode on iphone or any third party apps of panoramic mode you put this on and you do like a micro pan it’s a good hack to get like a wider shot but you get that depth and then you recrop it to however you know aspect ratio you want so it almost looks to be more of like a medium format where you get a larger sensor because you’re getting the depth but also the width it’s pretty fun hack but you need the 58 millimeter lens.

7) Shoot with Grids

Grids are lines on your phone that basically allow you to line up the horizon line there’s nothing that screams like novice amateur photo been like super tilted off horizon line not straight images

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