Five important Things To Know About This 10 Multiplayer Android Games.

Online Multiplayer android games have definitely been the vibe of the past year or so nothing like a bit of online gaming with friends to make you feel way less lonely during the lockdowns but voice chat is a feature that always seems to really elevate the experience and make you really feel like you’re part of a team so we are trying something a little bit different as we count down the top 10 games with built-in voice chat features other than Fortnite Pubg and free fire.

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10) Friend or Enemy game

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

so this game is a ripoff for the famous imposter game among us but it does have one added bonus voice chat this makes it feel like a whole new game though the rules of the game are almost identical so you play on two opposing teams in the game in which you have the watchmen who have to complete all the tasks in limited time to win whereas the impostor who has to kill the watchmen and can use a magical portal to reach any point in the map this version has a lot more strategy involved as you can chat with other players to identify who you each think the imposter is and take a vote during the discussion phase overall this is a great game that you can play with your friends or new friends.

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9) Omega Legends game

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a sci-fi battle royale shooter set in the near future where you’re able to select a hero and make use of their abilities to defeat the competition you can choose to fight alone or team up with friends or others in intense battles with 100 participants although there are two separate maps available where you can fight and hunt down enemies you can build defenses or take a stealthy approach you do whatever it takes to be the last one standing overall it’s a great battle royale game and with built-in voice, chat options makes a lot more fun.

8) Astracraft game

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

This is a builder shooter that boasts next-gen graphics endless gameplay and a hyper-competitive multiplayer environment Astracraft combines both creation and battle aspects of the sandbox genre to be enjoyed at the same time it features nice controls in smooth voice chat to use to chat with your friends or your enemies, in addition, Astracraft offers a variety of modes but the most popular ones are infinite arena rumble mode storm mode and capture point in these modes you command your mechs to fight in a variety of different situations.

7) Tom and Jerry chase

Rating: 5 out of 5.

this one’s an asymmetric action game that basically offers an experience similar to the great identity 5 or dead by daylight only with a 2d view in the game four mice have to face off against one cat in a huge house loaded with traps the goal of the cat, of course, is to hunt down the mice well the goal of the mice is to thwart kitty’s plans and survive for as long as they can hear the voice chat adds another layer of strategy to the game as well.

6) Tacticool

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

This is a top-down third-person shooter action and survival game the game sees you taking control of a soldier you’re part of a team and you’re trying to score as many points as you can within a time limit the first team to 100 or the team that’s in the lead when the clock runs out is crowned the winner, in addition, the environment is amazing and features five v5 battle modes and multiplayer maps Tactico offers voice chat options as well but it doesn’t unlock until after you’ve beaten a few levels.

5) Super Mecha Champion

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

super mecha champions work just like your typical battle royale where you’re one of a hundred players on the map and you have to lose some weapons and armor and try to be the last one standing the game is a mashup of animes where you will play as different anime characters to shoot down all your enemies the best part of this game that mixes things up is the transportation that you can find on the field overall if you’re looking for a great mashup between 100 man battle royales and titanfall then this is definitely the game for you it plays great the mechs are super fun and with voice chat feature it’s just an awesome time with your friends.

4) Real Car Parking 3d

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

this is a car simulation game where you are able to drive your car on an open world map the game features over 110 cars with highly detailed environments voice chat and a free open world with real gas stations and car services where you can easily free roam via car or by walking if you prefer the game has a multiplayer mode where you can join different races and challenging events with other players overall if you’re looking for an open-world car simulating game with voice chat features this one pretty much fits the bill

3) Life After

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

In this post-apocalyptic adventure survival game you play as a survivor whose sole objective is to try and forge some kind of existence in this terrible new world you’ll spend the majority of your time exploring where you’ll find trees to chop down stones to pick away at and buildings to scavenge for resources additionally the game features voice chat option which is very helpful for the survivor overall life after is a fun post-apocalyptic adventure that streamlines the likes of ark and Minecraft for Multiplayer android games

2) Eggy Party

Rating: 5 out of 5.

this is an upcoming action adventure game that’s inspired by fall guys and being brought to us by Netease this game brings you fun rounds packed with wacky challenges in which you have to manage the movements of a ball shaped character also the game offers tons of challenges where you can compete with dozens of other characters you’ll need to be one of the first to reach the goal if you want to qualify for the following levels until you finally make it to the final round also the voice chat option of this game is a plus point so each player can roast each other in the game overall. it’s a great coming soon game and pre-registration is now open. Multiplayer android games

1) Call of Duty Mobile

Rating: 5 out of 5.

represent the best title the juggernaut franchise has ever released on a handheld platform. it’s a fairly standard online fps shooter with regular PVP as well as 100 man battle royale modes the regular PVP includes a standard deathmatch along with some other iterations players can also customize their gear and unlock more stuff additionally call of duty mobile offers voice chat features which really level up the game and kind of makes you feel like you’re really on some kind of military task. it’s relatively new compared to most fps games because constantly new maps and modes are added and it’s already one of the biggest names in all mobile Multiplayer android games.

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