Learn The Truth About Xbox X Vs Ps5? Which One Is Better?

Xbox X versus ps5:

Xbox X and sony ps5 are one of the foremost wanted Consoles in 2021 according to the expert but people have Questions about which is best and which one we should always accompany. all has question and wanted to know the only Consoles with high end and Excellent specification. So, here are we to means you which of them you need to prefer and accompany.

Lets mention the pros and cons of Sony PS5

PROS (Xbox X versus ps5)

  • Firstly ps5 is with the entire new architecture and has the simplest and devastating look which not only attract you but cause you to feel the sport.
  • Secondly it’s Superior Resolution Support with up to 8k of gaming Resolution.
  • 825 GB on a Solid-Sate Drive (SSD) Which is bit low then Xbox X Series and fewer than the PS4 Pro’s capacity also.
  • Faster CPU and Memory which decrease Loading times and enabling to procedurally generate more complex worlds and gameplay in PS5 where Xbox has the same features Like PS5.
  • It almost support every games that run’s on PS4.
  • PS5 has the Ray Tracing Acceleration Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) which is perfect for Real gaming
  • Above all,PS5 boasts the newest AMD Zen 2 processor capable of 3D audio and 8K video output
  • Comes with VFX for Real gaming

CONS (Xbox X versus ps5)

  • PS5 may be a bulky system and owners of the PS5 should look to allocate enough space for the console
  • 825 GB on a Solid-Sate Drive (SSD) Which is low than Xbox X Series and fewer than the PS4 Pro’s capacity as well
  • User faces issues while interacting
  • user faces issues while interactingPS5 console loses power shortly after turn it on
  • PS5 console crashes or freezes while playing could also be fixed in future updates
  • Problems with the PS5 system software

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What Xbox gives but Sony doesn’t?

Xbox game pass which Sony doesn’t have a answer. This $15 per month subscription service lets you download more than 100 games across variety of genres and play them on Xbox series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox one, PC and even android . Sony introduced “PS plus collection” which lets Playstation Games plus subscribers download a few PS4 classics games. it’s not nearly as sweeping or comprehensive as Xbox Games Pass, though, So Sony could still expand these offerings much further.

Can I pre order PS5 at Walmart?

From the day Sony has announced PS5 people are getting Crazy about it and pre ordering it as Playstation is available at Walmart but you need to act quicly because Walmart has announced that they will begin the second round of pre-orders on Walmart.com

Where can I buy PS5 console?

Now lets Talk about Xbox X pros and cons?


  • With the entirely new architecture, the Xbox X series has the best and Marvelous look which not only attracts you but causes you to feel the game.
  • There is an Xbox subscription for $15 in which you’ll down load one hundred video games for the Xbox X collection, Xbox S, PC, or even android.
  • You can play the latest and unlimited games on Game Pass.
  • Xbox X has the foremost powerful GPU is even greater than PS5.
  • Upgrading the storage is as simple and good as cutting a slice of Cake.


  • Its launch Titles 
  • not strong in Storage speed 
  • More Expensive than Xbox S series

Will the Xbox series X be good in 2021 or not?

As Xbox collection X comes with the Premium subscription and every person is aware of no different console offer which Xbox affords us so it’s miles a super fee for cash after you buy the subscription you may down load one hundred video games or even play multiplayer as coming to the Storage it has higher Storage than PS5 which has the quicker load instances coming to the hardware Xbox has greater effective hardware than PS5. Xbox has the teraflops electricity and capabilities like ray tracing which raise your gaming Experience

So Which one you should go on with?

Xbox X and PS5 are good in their own field But consistent with the knowledge One should prefer Xbox X if you would like to download games just one occasion just paying $15 for a subscription but people that are crazy for VFX gaming can accompany PS5.

Full Graphics Comparison Video Xbox X

Full Graphics Comparison Video PS5

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